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Professor’s note: When you read this assignment, you may feel this is the most difficult exam you have ever seen. It isn’t. Do not panic. It’s a way of taking you step by step through things we have mainly covered in class. Once you break it down this will be much simpler than it looks.




Draft Final Essay:


History 103




Spring 2014




Due: no later than 2PM Friday May 16




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Connecting the dots:


Most historians would agree that the Johnson Administration’s successive decisions to escalate the Vietnam War during the period 1964-1965 were of critical importance.  Our challenge this semester has been to understand the nature of that escalation and to explain it.


Do all parts:


*In Robert McNamara’s memoir In Retrospect, he acknowledges that the Johnson Administration, in which he was a leading actor, made several serious mistakes in its handling of the Vietnam War. What does he see as the major mistakes? And how does he explain them?


*In the Appendix of the paperback edition McNamara has included many articles both pro and con, which address the content of his book. Pick two and briefly summarize them, including your initial reaction to these commentaries.


*Drawing upon any three of the following documents, indicate whether you think they support or undermine McNamara’s analysis:


McGeorge Bundy Recommends Sustained Reprisals, February 7, 1965.


Robert McNamara Recommends Escalation, 1965


George Ball Dissents, 1965


Johnson Recalls His decision to Commit Troops in 1965


Meeting on Westmoreland’s Request for Additional Troops, June 1965






*Drawing upon any three of the following transcripts, indicate whether you think they support or undermine McNamara’s presentation:


Johnson/Dirksen, February 17, 1965


Johnson/Bundy February 18, 1965


Johnson/Russell, March 6, 1965.


Johnson/ NcNamara, April 20, 1965


Johnson/Mansfield, June 8, 1965


Johnson/ McNamara, June 10, 1965


Johnson/Eisenhower, July 2, 1965.


*Drawing upon Caputo’s Rumor of War and the Introduction, plus Chapter 1 in Bilton and Sim’s book on My Lai, briefly discuss some of the disturbing features of the Vietnam War on the ground. From what you have read of McNamara’s memoir, do you think that he and/or his colleagues were aware of these things? And if not, do you see this as a problem?


*Historian Fred Logevoll has written one of the most important available books on the subject of the Johnson Administration’s escalation of the war in 1964-65.  He undoubtedly wrote it  -as a partial rebuttal to McNamara. His concluding chapter, “Choosing War” will be distributed.  Try to summarize what Logevoll is saying. And indicate whether you find his point of view more persuasive than McNamara’s. If you find neither explanation convincing, explain why.


Optional question, do McNamara’s discussions with the Vietnamese contained in chapters 2 and 5 of Argument Without End enhance your understanding of the US decision to escalate the war?


I need by 1:00pm thursday, Northeastern time


Leadership and motivation theories in pursuing quality

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Project description

The format of the paper should include an introduction, analysis, and a conclusion, using the APA style.

The class will be divided into small work teams, comprised of three to four students per team, to discuss salient issues to which businesses today are confronted. The team will analyze and

collaborate in the writing of a team paper. The paper should be four to six pages, word-processed, and double-spaced. It will be presented in class by each team, with all members of each team

participating, during the last week of the semester. Students enrolled on-line will not have to present their team paper. Following are sample topics for possible analysis:

Team Paper Topics
1. Leadership and motivation theories in pursuing quality
2. Ethics and sexual harassment
3. Social responsibility and affirmative action
4. Collaboration and team development in the work-place
5. Consumerism and social responsibility
6. Global economy and competitive advantage
7. Power in organizations
8. Political economy issues such as inflation and taxation
9. Information technology and employment issues
10. Trade and/or budget deficits


project management

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• Mantel, Samuel J., and Meredith, Jack R., (2012) Project Management, A Managerial Approach,(Eighth Edition), New York, NY, John Wiley &Sons, ISBN: 978-047053302-4

• Rachel Biheller Bunin New Perspectives on Microsoft Project 2007, Introductory (1st Edition) Cambridge, MA, Course Technology
ISBN-10: 1-4239-0594-6
ISBN-13: 978-1-4239-0594-3
please answer this question

1. Define a project. What are five characteristics which help differentiate projects from other functions carried out in the daily operations of the organization?

2. What are some of the key environmental forces that have changed the way projects are managed? What has been the effect of these forces on the management of projects?

3. Why is the implementation of projects important to strategic planning and the project manager?

5. What is meant by an integrative approach to project management? Why is this approach important in today’s environment?


1. Review the front page of your local newspaper, and try to identify all the projects contained in the articles. How many were you able to find?

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These are some admission essays and I would like them answered please look at them before bidding.

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characteristics of Loma Linda University are particularly attractive

Paper instructions:
These are some admission essays and  I would like them answered please look at them before bidding.

Tell us what characteristics of Loma Linda University are particularly attractive and meaningful to you and why you have chosen to apply for advanced education.

Discuss how your spiritual origins, development, and experience have influenced and been integrated into your daily life.

Tell us the desirable qualities that you see in yourself that you believe would aid us in considering your application.

LLU believes deeply in integrating spiritual values into the educational experience. As a result, religion courses and chapel attendance are part of the curriculum. Tell us why you believe such a faith-based education would be of special benefit to you.

Loma Linda University has lifestyle expectations, which include abstinence from alcohol, tobacco and illicit drugs/substances in all forms while enrolled. If you are accepted to Loma Linda University, are you willing to abide by the lifestyle policies of the University (http://www.llu.edu/central/apply/lifestyle.page) while enrolled?

Backup Method Create a plan that ensures proper backing up of the database for the

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Backup Method
Create a plan that ensures proper backing up of the database for the organization as well as your recommendation for full database recovery in the event of total system failure.

This is all based on the SQL Server 2012.

Chapters 7-8 within this weeks readings, but you can access any chapter to help with the paper.

-APA format
-2 pages in length, not including title page and reference page.
-Should include a concise Introduction, and the body of the paper broken up as needed(WITH HEADERS), ending with a cohesive Conclusion bringing everything together.
-2-3 sources used.
-I will attached the Book we are using in PDF format. This week we are looking at Ch.7 and Ch.8, but feel free to use what is needed.


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Corporate Taxes

Paper instructions:
This is a different kind of paper. I need about 1-2 paragraph answers the questions I have posted. with 1-2 references per answer.
It needs to be  written in own words and not copied from a book or online source.
Also in well English with no grammar errors


3.    State law varies as to the reporting requirements for liquidating a corporation. Using your home region/state/city(Katy, Texas) research the liquidation reporting requirements at the state and federal level and post the requirements to the discussion board. What are your thoughts on the requirements of your home state as compared to state requirements made by your peers?
4.    Find a current article not more than two years old, discussing the acquisition of a foreign corporation by a U.S parent. Discuss how the transaction was structured, including: the parties involved, the country that the foreign corporation is located in, the value of the transaction, and any additional relevant information. Include the article citation in your post.

5.    Advantages and disadvantages exist to filing a consolidated return. Research the various resources you have available and identify an example of when a consolidated return has been advantageous to a group and when consolidation status has not worked to the group’s advantage. Discuss the various pros and cons of a consolidated return.
6.    Review the legislation of your home state/region/city that allows the formation of limited liability companies. Summarize the legislation and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of LLCs. Based on your research, what type of business activities use LLCs as the form of business in your area.

7.    Review three court cases no more than five years old about salaries paid to shareholders of S-Corporations.  Based on the cases reviewed, discuss the outcomes in court decisions about salaries paid to shareholders of S corporations and whether or not you agree with the court’s decision.
8.    Estate taxes are complex and require a lot of skill to navigate for complex estates. Take a position on the fairness of the current estate tax laws and recommend changes you would propose to the law to make estate taxes fairer and/or a rationale for eliminating gift taxes. From your research, offer support for your rationale.

Differences betweenTheoretical and Conceptual Frames of Reference

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Students and novice researchers often have difficulty in constructing a Frame of Reference for their study. This is an essential element in the research process as it links the study to the wider body of knowledge involved and helps to clarify the concepts and theories used with reference to the chosen research methods.

This solution helps the student to decide whether their Frame of reference should be theoretical or conceptual.

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